Saturday, September 23, 2006


Tony Moran may just be the “NUMERO UNO” DJ in the country today. He continues to spin the sounds on the world party circuit with a passion that still burns within his body and soul. And that isn’t bad for this 40-year old Latin heartthrob who started mixing and singing sounds as part of a two-man hit machine called The Latin Rascals (with Albert Cabrera) in 1981 .

You might say he has it all: money, a knock-out, ab-tight body, and a multi-tasked profession (DJ, singer, songwriter, and record producer). Throw in a newly purchased multi-million dollar apartment in SoHo (NYC), a Miami residence and a Fire Island get-a-way. Sounds like the perfect domestic partner to me; or does it? I’ll let you make that determination for yourself after listening to what he had to say.

I spoke to Tony at the LA airport—between gigs--after having just wrapped up another recording session. Poor Tony; it’s just work, work, work.

Cuauhtemoc Q. Kish (CQK): In a recent interview you said that the music you play is a reflection of who you are. As a way of finding out who Tony Moran is, I’m going to ask you to describe yourself in five words; Go!

Tony Moran (TM): One who loves people and music.

Tony Moran has proven that he not only has the staying power to remain in a tough business, but he prides himself as having worked with some of the best and hottest entertainers in the music industry. Let me drop some names that might impress: Gloria Estefan, Celine Dion, Janet Jackson, Patti Labelle and George Michael. His latest release is called Tour de Beats and includes “Waiting for Allegria” (rejoice) as well as Deborah Cox’s “Easy as Life.”

CQK: That five-word description works for me. Tony, of all of the celebrities you’ve had the pleasure of working with, who did you most respect as a musician?

TM: It’s hard to single out any one entertainer; however, I had an incredible experience with the late, great Luther Vandross that will stay in my mind forever. He was the consummate entertainer.

CQK: When it comes right down to it, what’s more important: the music or the material possessions you have collected over the years?

TM: The music, without a doubt.

CQK: Can you spell success for Tony Moran?

TM: Continuing what I am doing; DJ-ing and producing music.

CQK: Is there an age when you might find yourself too old to be spinning songs as a DJ?

TM: I’ll DJ until the public (my fans) tell me to stop.

Tony’s latest album “Tour de Beats,” is a Brazilian/Babylon mix and recently described by one reviewer as ‘tribalistically divalicious.’ Tony claims to be a follower except when he’s assigned the arduous task as a hunky DJ leader or producer. He is obviously helping both the gay and straight community express themselves with musical celebration and there isn’t anything wrong with sending out upbeat, positive energy into the world.

CQK: Speaking of age, you look marvelously guapo in those publicity pictures on your Website. Do you feel as good as you look and is it the moving to the grooves that keeps you in such fine shape?

TM: I’m on the go constantly; that’s probably how I manage to keep in shape. I don’t have any special diet, but I pack up my I pod and head to the gym whenever possible.

CQK: You recently commented about the Black Party by saying that “it propels you into decadence.” What does that mean exactly?

TM: Simply that the music I played for that event allowed those in attendance to set their minds free, casting aside their inhibitions while out there on the dance floor.

CQK: Isn’t that what they call the circuit’s trance music?

TM: Exactly; it’s where you loose yourself to the music.

CQK: Do you feel you are personally responsible for all that touching, hugging, and even groping that goes on down there on the dance floor and do you get a sensual thrill from that communal arousal?

TM: Yes and yes.

CQK: You seem light, bubbly effervescent and high energy; does Tony Moran have a dark side?

TM: Only with good chocolate.

CQK: For those who have to know, are you single?

TM: I’ve had three longer term relationships. I’ve been with my current lover, Beau, for about six years now and I haven’t made it easy for any of them, what with my crazy schedule and all.

It’s obvious that Tony Moran loves his work. Aside from the most obvious dividends (personal satisfaction) Tony has felt the professional satisfaction of having been nominated (twice) for a Grammy in addition to being paid very well for spinning and mixing music. In his own words he recently “tore up New York’s Roxy” and no doubt he’ll be returning to other cities like Atlanta, Montreal, and even Rio on his never ending DJ-ing circuit where he will gladly help those on the dance floor raise their libido in a communal, aroused beat to his music.

Tony advises that when you find yourself at a creative crossroad, choose the road where life will provide you a fine balance between your professional and personal life. And even though he feels that the music he plays is a reflection of himself, he knows that he is simply the catalyst to all the sweating and grinding on the dance floor that results in having a great time.

Tony Moran has come a long way from the ghettos of New York (Irish/Columbian heritage) where he was brought up in Public Housing. He’s that middle child in a family of five siblings that has made his musical mark in the world. I’m going to assume that many of you have already downloaded his music on your constantly changing Ipod repertoire of music but I might caution you to leave a little space for more of Tony Moran’s music because he ‘ain’t done yet.’


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